Queer: A Graphic History by Meg-John Barker and Jules Scheele

Update – Event Postponed …however….

Hello again everyone! Nathan here.

After keeping an eye on the current climate I’ve decided to postponed PRIDE CAF until next year. I’ve been in talks with The Station and everything is rebooked for the 3rd of July 2021

After my last post it was announced that Bristol Pride will also be postponing until September this year. After much deliberating I’ve decided I won’t be running PRIDE CAF along with Bristol Pride this year for a couple of reasons.

There is still a lot of news coming out regarding our situation and being very unlikely we’ll be back to 100% normality by September. I want PRIDE CAF to be the best it can be for its first event and I am not wanting to put people at risk or shrink down numbers of sellers and visitors. I also really want this event to be part of Bristol Pride week which is also in a state of limbo at the moment regarding a new set date.

If things are going to go back to some sort of normality by September I am fully aware this will be a big time for conventions and events. Much bigger events that sellers could claim back some important income they will have lost during these period of social distancing.

I now have a lot more time to make PRIDE CAF even better but still plan to do something this year. As of the 1st of June www.pridecaf.co.uk will be redesigned to host work and links to any LGBTQA+ comic artists that wish to take part. You don’t just have to have a comic or zine for sale. If you’re documenting your work online, have a web comic, do live streams, or have a crowd funding project to promote you are more than welcome to sign up. The only criteria is that it’s related to comics etc. and you are part of the LGBTQA+ community. You can apply by emailing submissions@pridecaf.co.uk

Those who have already applied, thank you. There will be an email coming your way soon asking if you wish to take part in the online showcase.

Thank you again everyone. Stay safe, stay creative and will see you soon!

– Nathan 🌈