Guests & Talks

We’re excited to welcome the following guests to this year’s Pride CAF, who will also be giving talks on their areas of expertise!

Joe Glass – Comic Writer

Joe is a comic writer, known for his ComicXology Originals The Pride as well his other titles Acceptable Losses and Glitter Vipers. He recently released the Omnibus for The Pride which you can pick up in your local comic shop today! He is also an avid activist for LGBTQ+ inclusion and representation within media. Joe will be giving a talk on his work and his knowledge on LGBTQ+ representation within comics.

Sarah Millman – Writer, Illustrator, Editor

Sarah Millman aka Milmo is mostly known for her independent comic NPC Tea, which recently completed a successful Kickstarter for its first full volume. She has also worked for clients such as Rebellion, The Beano and Big Punch Studios. With oodles of experiences under her belt, Sarah will be giving a talk on how to run a successful crowd funding campaign for your project.

Sophie Iles – Writer and Illustrator

Sophie is a writer and illustrator with a love for Dr Who, Arthurian legends and DnD. They have worked with Big Finish Productions, 18thWall Productions and Doctor Who Magazine as well as several charity anthologies and zines. Sophie will be running a workshop on creating stories for queer characters which can be transferred to both stories and roleplay games.

Shazleen Khan – Illustrator, Writer and Designer

Shazleen is an award-winning illustrator, writer and designer specialising in comics and narrative work. They’re comic BUUZA!! recently completed a highly successful Kickstarter for its 3rd volume. They have worked with First Second, Bloomsbury and Glasgow Comicon to name a few. They will be sharing their knowledge on creating narrative comics for the web and mobile apps.

A. Wolfgang Crowe – Illustrator and Comic scholar

Along with our guests, we are excited to also be hosting A. Wolfgang Crowe’s talk ‘Graphic Activism: The Power of Comics’. In this talk, he will be discussing the history and use of images and sequential narrative as a force of positive change. From unheard stories to political satire, This talk remarks on how we can make light of injustices and trauma through image and culture. 

(Warning) this talk will discuss: Hate-crime, sexual violence, and injustices.