(Recent Updates from The Station as of 15/07/2021)

Regardless of Government guidelines being removed since the 19th of July, The Station released a statement informing that face masks must still be worn throughout the venue until further notice. We at PrideCAF fully support this and will work with The Station to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable. Unless you are medically exempt, you must wear a face mask at all times in the venue. There will be disposable masks on hand for those who may have forgotten. Those who refuse without medical reason will not be allowed in the venue. If you are worried about possible confrontation please have in mind the PrideCAF team, volunteers and The Station staff will have your back.

If/when the venue announces they are relaxing rules on face masks, PrideCAF will still allow face masks at the individual’s own discretion. If any discrimination or harassment happens to those who are or are not wearing masks the perpetrator will be asked to leave the venue. If the perpetrator is an exhibitor they will be asked to leave without refund for their table.

Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the venue with signs asking the public to make sure their hands are dry before touching any goods. If weather is suitable, windows and doors will be kept open for good airflow.

In the case of Government guidelines changing to full lockdown or restrictions on public events, PrideCAF will be rescheduled and exhibitors given the option to keep their table for the later date or for a refund.


Applying does not automatically grant you a place at PrideCAF 2021. Applicants must fill out all required sections of the form and provide examples of work that is their own or have full permission to exhibit from the original creator. Fan comics, zines and art from popular culture are allowed as long as you are the creator of the artwork being sold.

Successful applicants will be selected on the following criteria.

  • Applicant(s) must identify somewhere under the LGBTQAI+ umbrella.
  • Applicant(s) must only exhibit their own work or work with full permission from the creator. These do not have to have LGBTQAI+ themes but is encouraged.

As this is a Comic Art Festival, comics, graphic novels, illustrated books, and zines will take high priority when selecting applicants. Illustrations, prints, badges, charms etc are also allowed but will take lower priority if you’re not selling comics, zines, etc as well.

When applying please select the size table you wish to have on the day. Prices include one table and two chairs.

4ft Table – £20
6ft Table – £35

We are happy for two artists/groups to share a table as long as both provide the required information in the application form.

Anyone found selling work that is not their own or without full consent will be asked to leave without refund. Anyone found selling their work at a table or within the venue they did not originally apply or pay for will be asked to leave the venue.


The Station is an accessible building with lift access to the first, second and third floors. There are accessible toilets located on every floor. The front of the venue has level paved access.

Exhibitors are prohibited from attaching anything to walls or fixtures inside the venue. PrideCAF is unable to provide backboards but you may bring your own. Tables must be kept tidy and all paths, especially fire exits must be kept clear. We are unable to promise main power supplies for electrical items (e.g laptops, phone chargers).

While we take all efforts to look after exhibitors and guests please note PrideCAF and The Station are not responsibly for any personal belongings.


As this event is open to all ages, adult content must not be displayed on your table. If your work does include mature content and themes please label content and trigger warnings appropriately. You are allowed to promote your adult content work with subtle signs on your table (e.g “Ask me about my 18+ stuff” ) which 18+ guests can request to see . However, if you are found promoting or selling adult work to minors (Anyone under the age of 18) you will be asked to leave the premises without refund and, if required, authorities will be contacted. If you are unsure or have any questions please contact us at hello@pridecaf.co.uk


PrideCAF does not and will not tolerate any form of discrimination, bullying, or abuse towards exhibitors, guests, volunteers, venue staff, or the general public. This includes but is not limited to:-

Purposely invading or blocking access to other tables and exhibitors.

‘Hard selling’ or intimating customers.

Haggling or intimating exhibitors.

Damaging or stealing exhibitors stock or property.

Gatekeeping – When someone takes it upon themselves to decide who does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity.

Discriminating against someone’s race, religion, gender, sexuality, and/or age

PrideCAF is a friendly, inclusive event for everyone who attends. If staff of the event or The Station feel you are in breach of these rules you will be asked to leave the venue, if you are an exhibitor this will be without refund. In extreme situations authorities will be informed. If you see anything during the event that looks to be a breach of the rules or against the law please contact a member of staff. Volunteers will be around to help with any issues. If you feel unsafe or harassed in anyway by anyone at the venue please let a volunteer or member of staff know who will be more than happy to help.

Everyone is allowed to wear what most feels comfortable to them. No extreme fetish gear and no complete nudity and/or genitals on display. Cosplay is highly encouraged but no large props or realistic looking weapons. There are no plans of yet for changing rooms on site though this might change in the future.


Volunteers are the backbone to any good event and will be respected as such. Anyone found harassing a volunteer will be asked to leave the venue and , in extreme cases, will be reported to the proper authorities. Volunteers also agree to respect guests, exhibitors, venue staff and the general public. Any volunteer found abusing powers, stealing money from exhibitors or stealing/damaging stock will be released from their duties, removed from the venue and banned from future events.


Cancellation of table bookings must be made before Monday 14th of June. After this date, we will be unable to refund any table payments.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact hello@pridecaf.co.uk