About PrideCAF

Welcome to Bristol’s first Comic Art Festival that promotes and celebrates LGBTQIA+ artists and writers.

Queer: A Graphic History by Meg-John Barker & Jules Scheele

LGBTQA+ themes in the past have usually been hidden from comic strips due to censorship and a perception that comics were for kids (and heaven forbid they should know about LGBTQ+ stories)! However, there has always been a rich and vibrant underground scene for the community by the community. Now with more comic artists being able to produce and sell their work independently, LGBTQA+ characters and themes are making their way into the public eye.

Pride Comic Art Festival is giving LGBTQA+ artists, writers and creators centre stage to exhibit and sell their work and stories and for the general public to discover a world of talent and stories.

There are usually some talks and workshops throughout the day to help inspire and spur your creativity.

This event is FREE and open to all ages!

The Business

In 2022 we decided to make a not-for-profit business to encompass the work that PrideCAF is trying to do and so Rough Sketch Productions LTD was born. For us, it was a way that we could hopefully add some trust to the process and keep the funds coming in from the festival separate from ours.

It is the goal of Rough Sketch Productions to create events that help platform LGBTQIA creators and PrideCAF is the first of those kinds of events.