Talks & Workshops 2023

We have confirmed that we will have BSL interpretaion for all of these talks to ensure they are accessible for people who require it.

An image representing British Sign Language showing the hand positions needed to fingerspell BSL

Ed Firth – 12:00

Ed has been promoting and selling his art and comics online since 2012, using social media and direct marketing. He has stories of failure, near-misses, and huge success: last month his Kickstarter for his next book hit the target in just 3 hours and finished at double the original goal budget. This is all thanks to 10 years of experience in grassroots social media promotion.

Using examples and anecdotes, he will demonstrate how by game-ifying the work, researching each platform and budgeting time for social media work, anybody can find and connect with their audience online and in person, starting successful relationships with a fanbase that can last, and grow, indefinitely.

Recorded at PrideCAF 2023

Recorded at PrideCAF 2023

Nancy Art Music – 13:00

Nancy is a half Latvian half Tanzanian woman who lives in London. She is the creator of The Umeboshi Comics and host of The Flawed Workshop Podcast.

The workshop is aimed to show attendants how to journal/or create a zine and ways to get thoughts onto paper when the mind is full of too many thoughts.

There will be some doodling exercises to run through so bring a pad and pen.

Pigeon – 14:00

Kamila Krol aka Pigeon is a Polish illustrator and comics maker based in Cardiff. Her playful imagery is often inspired by dreams and folklore, with much of her work focused on reviving and re-imagining elements of her Slavic heritage.

For her Masters Pigeon’s research was focused on the Slavic folklore revival in Poland and its use in visual storytelling. During this time she interviewed a group of prominent Polish comics creators, who re-imagine Slavic folklore through their work and present it in the context of political commentary, folk horror and identity search.

She will share this with us and add to a conversation and speculations about the reasons why we turn to folklore and paganism to find new empowerment and inclusivity.

Content Warning: mentions of homophobia/transphobia and other forms of discrimination

Recorded at PrideCAF 2023