Guests & Talks 2022

A photo of Joe Glass

Joe Glass (He/Him)

Joining us again for our 2nd year, Joe is a comic writer and LGBTQ+ activist, especially when it comes to representation in pop culture. He is well known for his ComiXology Original, The Pride and has had several successful crowdfunded comics such as Acceptable Losses and Glitter Vipers.

His latest work “Young Men in Love” is a queer romance anthology, filled with stories about queer male romance created by queer people. Joe will be talking about this new anthology and why authentic queer experiences are important to share, especially in the medium of comics.

A photo of Wolfgang Crowe

A. Wolfgang Crowe (He/Him/They)

Recently gaining a Masters in Illustration, Wolfgang is a comic writer and artist with his current work focusing on darker topics from real-life experiences and trauma.

He strives not only to tell his stories through comics but encourages others to do so through mentoring, talks and lectures. He was awarded joint runner-up in the Observer/Cape/Comica graphic short story prize 2021 for his short story ‘Andrew’.

We welcome Wolfgang back this year where he’ll be discussing the use of comics and art therapy as aids to improve your work as well as his journey in creating and publishing his first comic book series. Fractures.

An illustrative representation of Shazleen Khan

Shazleen Khan (They/Them) – Illustrator, Writer and Designer

Working as an Illustrator specialising in comics and narrative works, Shazleen has many accolades and awards under their belt.

Their longest-running comic, Buuza has been running online for over 4 years and has 3 successful Kickstarter for physical volumes with more hopefully to come.

Shazleen will join us again to discuss their process of creating interesting worlds in comics. They use environments and outfit designs to bring more depth to your storytelling. We can’t think of anyone better to explore this topic.

An image that merges the comic works of Aruudlay and C. Bedford. In the centre of the image is the title of their talk "Plots to Print". Underneath are additional words that say "Tips and Tricks to help build and execute your comics!"

Aruudlay (They/Them) and C.Bedford (They/Them)

Aru and CB are no strangers to comic conventions and make their guest appearances at this year’s PrideCAF. Both are turning their talents to comics and game design, they share a love for exploring queer stories.

C Bedford is a painter and illustrator with a passion for the androgynous male figure. They’ve currently been keeping busy with their indie, survival horror game “Sorry We’re Closed” set to release later this year.

Aruudlay is a comic artist, of the saucy kind, with a deep love for androgynous villains and colourful worldbuilding. Craving more queer-centred characters, they explore fantasy and sci-fi stories to bring sex positivity to fiction.

Both Aru and CB will be presenting their guide to help build and execute your comic. From plot to print they will give tips and tricks from planning your project to holding a physical copy in your hand.

A photo of Sarah Millman

Sarah Millman (She/Her)

Sarah is best known for her independent comic series NPC Tea, reviewed as the perfect cup of tea for its blend of story and art. Her clients range from comics to the games industry like Rebellion and The Beano.

Sarah will be joining us again to talk about dialogue and explain her techniques to make story conversations flow. With the fantastic success of Volume 1 of NPC Tea, we’re excited to learn from Sarah’s knowledge and experience.